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What To Expect

We know it can be scary to have orthodontic work done. There's no need to worry! We've outlined a few things you can expect, we also have an extensive FAQ section for your convenience. Please, feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have.
  • A panoramic x-ray will be taken to evaluate the health of the teeth and supporting bone. After an examination of your teeth and jaws, the doctor will explain the options available. We will discuss the expected benefits of orthodontics, various approaches to achieve goals as well as toal cost of care. The next step, if you are ready to start, is to be current with a dental check-up and cleaning and complete any necessary dental work. Orthodontic records will be scheduled next to include pre-treatment photos, models of the teeth and any necessary x-rays. You will then be on your way to a beautiful smile.
  • There may be a bit of anxiety around getting your braces, yet modern techniques allow this appointment to be surprisingly comfortable. The tricky part about placing braces is simply keeping the teeth dry. It is typical to be a little sore the day following while eating. This discomfort subsides quickly and within 3-4 days you will be back to eating normally. Remember to stay away from hard food and candies as they can break off your braces and slow down your treatment progress.
  • Typically you will need a follow-up visit every 8-10 weeks. These appointments vary in complexity based on your stage of treatment. It may be as simple as changing the colors on your braces to continue progress, or adjusting wires and elastics to shift your bite. You can expect some discomfort with eating for 3-4 days after your adjustments. We are committed to making significant progress at each and every appointment. With your cooperation, we will finish your orthodontic treatment in a timely fashion with results to last a lifetime.
  • Before your know it, you’ll be getting your braces off! The braces pop off with little effort and the right tools. We will polish your teeth to remove any glue and reveal that gorgeous smile. You will be fitted with retainers within a day or two. Regardless of how long you have had braces, how old you are, or how crooked your teeth were, retainers are critical to keep your teeth aligned. Teeth have a memory from where they came and without retainers will try to find their way back. Some teeth have a greater tendency to move than others. The orthodontist will design retainers and a retention schedule to help insure a healthy and beautiful smile. Please call us if the retainers are lost, broken, or fail to fit properly.